Advancing AI Processing: Interview with Intelligent Data Centres

Last week, our Head of Product, Phil Burr, attended Data Centre World, where he sat down with Intelligent Data Centres, to discuss shaping the future of AI processing.

At Lumai, we’re committed to pushing the boundaries of AI processing. By utilising light-based processors, we can reduce power consumption while enhancing speed and efficiency significantly. 

Phil explained that “because our technology uses a fraction of the power compared to today’s solutions, we help our customers meet their net zero goals. So as electricity demand in AI data centres is forecast to increase, we help keep a lid on that by providing a much more energy-efficient solution.”

Alongside this, customer collaboration is at the heart of our approach. We’re co-creating solutions that directly address the challenges faced by data centre operators and hyperscalers. 

To watch the full interview, follow the link here. To keep up to date with news from Lumai, follow us on LinkedIn. 

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