AI Computing Revolution: Interview with Silicon Semiconductor

Our Head of Product, Phil Burr, recently sat down with the editor of Silicon Semiconductor to share details of Lumai’s mission to develop extremely fast and efficient AI accelerators for datacentres using 3D optics.

As the development of AI and machine learning surges, there is a greater demand for compute power. 

Phil shared insight on how our 3D optics can power the future of AI, with the ability to compute at faster speeds than ever before. He explained that “the reason for using light is that traditional fully-semiconductor based solutions are hitting performance limits as semiconductor scaling slows. Although it is possible to increase performance with fully electronic solutions, it comes at a high price, especially when it comes to energy consumed…Lumai’s solution uses light in 3D space to overcome these challenges and no other solution can do this cost effectively.”

A key use case for our technology is in datacentres. In another part of the interview, Phil shares how Lumai can significantly reduce energy usage and – therefore cost – in both environmental and monetary terms. 

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