Can photonics deliver the next breakthrough in research computing?

Photonic computing technologies are seeing rapid growth in research output and technology development. As explored in a recent article by Scientific Computing World, it’s now time to investigate how companies like Lumai are leading the next computing revolution.

Next-generation AI

In March 2023, Lumai was awarded £1.1m Innovate UK Smart Grant to develop its work in all-optical computing and deep optics for ground-breaking computing. The Grant was awarded in conjunction with The University of Oxford and follows previous funding from IP Group and Runa Capital.

The investment will support Lumai in building ultra high speed all-optical computation while simultaneously leading developments in advanced optical technologies.

A new dimension with optics

Existing transistor-based digital electronics are struggling to support the potential offered by AI, especially with the explosive increase in computation demand to support breakthrough AI models such as ChatGPT.

Lumai’s optical computing platform is capable of energy-efficient and ultra-fast parallel processing, achieving speeds up to 1000x faster than existing transistor-based digital electronics, with 1/100th of the energy consumption.

To learn more about the next computing breakthroughs, you can read the full piece on Scientific Computing World.

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