How optical computing can shape the future of ChatGPT

The rise of ChatGPT has been nothing short of impressive. However, with the trajectory at which AI models are advancing, electronics will soon meet their physical limits. This scaling issue is already becoming a significant bottleneck for progress.

With this in mind, our CEO, Tim Weil, recently authored an article for The Engineer titled “How optical computing is shaping the future of generative AI”.

Optical computing has emerged as a solution that is able to unlock new levels of computing power and speed. Lumai’s core enabling technology can already be built using optical components, eliminating the need for fundamental material research or design.

As we get to speeds 1000x faster than current electronic systems, while using just 1/100th of the power to drive AI innovation, there remains plenty of headroom for optical computing to become significantly faster.

Scalable, sustainable and compatible with existing AI algorithms, optical computing technology is the solution that the industry has been waiting for and is projected to outperform traditional digital processors significantly for all AI applications. Welcome to the new era of computing.

To learn more about how we are enabling next-gen AI, you can read the full piece on The Engineer here

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