Is the UK ready to lead the way in unleashing Generative AI?

Whether or not the UK is ready to lead the way in unleashing Generative AI is a question the industry has been asking itself in recent months. It’s also a topic that our co-founder, Xianxin Guo, has explored in his recent article in Tech Funding News.

Over the past few years, the industry has seen that large language model size is increasing at a rate of 240x every two years, with ChatGPT reaching 175 billion parameters, and Google’s latest model PALM-E reaching 540 billion parameters. These models grow far faster than what digital electronics can keep up with. The current rendition of ChatGPT needs to be trained with more than 150 GPU years, or equivalently 54,000 GPUs in a day.

As transistor-based digital electronics struggle to meet the increasing computational demands of AI, Lumai’s computing platform offers energy-efficient and incredibly fast parallel processing. By utilising optical computing, Lumai’s technology can be up to 1,000 times faster and more sustainable than existing transistor-based systems.

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