Lumai team to attend AI Hardware & Edge Summit 2023

Between 12-14 September 2023, the Lumai team will be heading to the AI Hardware & Edge Summit in Santa Clara Marriott, CA, to network with fellow industry experts and thought leaders.

The AI Hardware & Edge Summit features product launches, demos and showcases across the cloud-edge continuum. With the event exploring the vast potential of new technologies, the Lumai team will share details of its unique and disruptive work within optics, capable of computing speeds 1000x faster than traditional electronics. In addition to speed, Lumai’s game-changing technology offers significant energy savings.

Built by a highly skilled founding team, Lumai was spun out of the University of Oxford. The company was created to address the need for a scalable computing solution that can continue to underpin the growth of AI capability and growing pervasiveness across all sectors.

Transistor-based digital computing hardware is increasingly unable to cope with this massive increase in demand for compute speed. The use of light means that Lumai’s optical computing technology does not suffer the same limitations of digital electronic computing, allowing it to unlock unprecedented levels of compute speed and energy efficiency.

The AI Hardware & Edge Summit will allow the team to share its ground-breaking optical compute technology, including how it can best support next-generation AI. If you’re interested in meeting the team and learning more about the work Lumai is doing, reach out at

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