Lumai’s co-founder featured in prestigious Photonics100 list of the industry’s most innovative people

The Lumai team is delighted to reveal that our co-founder Xianxin Guo has been featured in the prestigious The Photonics100 2024 list.

The Photonics100 is a celebration of the brightest minds and innovators in the world of photonics. The list is curated by the team behind Electro Optics and, from inventors to manufacturers and end users, features the leading players in the industry.

Xianxin’s inclusion is a recognition of his work to date, pushing the boundaries of optics – and pioneering achievements in the development of optics – to solve real-world artificial intelligence performance challenges with Lumai’s game-changing AI processor.

As AI innovation drives computing demand at a breakneck pace – but electronics are hitting their physical limits – Lumai is developing an AI accelerator, based on 3D optics, capable of performing computations 1000x faster than traditional electronics while simultaneously consuming only 1/100th of the energy.

This allows for compute speeds to be scaled orders of magnitude beyond what is possible today, enabled through the expertise and experience of Xianxin and the rest of our founding team in this field.

Congratulations to all those who made the list. You can discover the full Photonics100 list here.

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