World Engineering Day: Phil Burr writes for Electronic Specifier on AI sustainability

With the rapid deployment of AI, this year’s UNESCO World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development was the perfect opportunity for Phil Burr, our Head of Product, to write for Electronic Specifier on the problems currently facing the industry and what can and is being done to make AI as sustainable as possible. 

The brilliant work of engineers coupled with AI’s growing capabilities is delivering essential solutions to aid the fight against climate change. But this progress is counterproductive if, as an engineering community, we don’t also ensure that AI is not contributing to reducing climate change as well. Datacentres already consume a massive amount of energy and, in 2022, they were responsible for consuming 18% of Ireland’s total electricity usage. Worryingly, this trend is set to worsen. 

So, what can be done to address AI’s own sustainability issue? And what role do 3D optical AI processors have to play in building this future? 

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